Article published by Singapore’s Marketing Magazine on 13 April 2020

Author: Grace Ong

French-Italian aircraft manufacturer ATR has launched a campaign titled “Into Life” which aims to highlight the importance of regional air services to smaller communities in Asia Pacific. The campaign, which was done in collaboration with Singapore public relations and marketing agency Francis & Low, includes two short documentary-style videos featured on ATR’s Facebook and Instagram page, as well as its YouTube channel. The videos were filmed separately in the north-central town of Sukhothai in Thailand, as well as the Philippines’ Siargao island.

The two-minute videos of Thailand features sights and locals’ stories from Sukhothai, and shows how the tourism has grew over the years with airline services. It also interviews the president of Bangkok Airways, Puttipong Prasarttong-Osoth, who talks about why the airline uses ATR aircrafts. Similarly, the video of Philippines promotes how ATR air service operated by Cebu Pacific Air has helped the local economy in transporting tourists and goods.

Through the videos, ATR wants to showcase how its commercial turboprop aircraft have helped develop tourism in a more sustainable way and how there is a direct correlation between regional air connectivity and greater economic development. Aside from the videos, the campaign also sees ATR curating online content for its social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. In a statement to Marketing, Leithen Francis, managing director of Francis & Low, said the online content includes two 800-word case studies – one on Siargao and one on Sukhothai – with facts and figures to show the positive impact the ATR air service has had on the local economy. Francis added that the campaign will be mainly promoted on social media.

Francis told Marketing that the initial campaign was created in Europe last year but ATR wanted to localise the campaign for the APAC market. The creative execution is different; the European campaign used stock footage whereas the APAC campaign interviewed people and found original stories. According to Francis, it did not use actors for the videos because it wanted them to come across as real and genuine. “We found local people and had them share their stories which then supported the bigger story that ATR wanted to tell with regards to the importance of regional air services to remote communities,” he added.

Francis also said that the videos were filmed in January before COVID-19 pandemic hit. “Now that regional airlines have grounded their aircraft fleets, it is sad knowing that remote communities will be suffering greatly from the fall-out from the crisis,” he said. Francis added that although many airlines have had to suspend operations, the message in the campaign – about the importance of air services to the local economy – is still very relevant.

ATR was established in November 1981, and has set up offices in Singapore, Japan, China, France, and the US. According to its website, ATR has sold 1,928 aircrafts globally, of which APAC makes up 30% of. ATR has also over 200 operators in more than 100 countries.